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grow your business with structured sales training

Whether you need help with your sales strategy, skills, management, or just confirmation you are on the right track, start with a free call and get an action plan to address your sales challenges!

Running a business can be a challenge

And selling always takes up more time than it should. Some of the most common challenges include:

Not generating
enough quality leads

Lead gen is the lifeblood of any business. But many companies fail to generate consistent numbers of new leads 

HARD TO communicate
value / USP

To stand out it’s essential to present an attractive proposition with compelling sales messages to a clear target audience. 

Not engaging with
decision makers

Great meetings with the wrong people are inefficient. They keep salespeople busy but rarely result in a sale

Failing to Generate
business online

Even though most purchases start with an online search, few company websites are set up to capture and nurture prospects

We understand and we're here to help

"In a relatively short period of time we have gone from unstructured ad hoc selling to a clearly defined sales process with a range of valuable sales and marketing materials"

Jane Barrett – MD The Career Farm

Want to test your selling?

Our free short online scorecard will assess your strengths and weaknesses in the 5 key sales areas and give you a tailored report

Imagine what you could achieve with a robust sales process?

You don’t have to accept under-par selling and all the frustration that comes with it. Your business deserves the opportunity to flourish. Good selling happens by design and we can show you how.


“I chose the programme because of the clear framework it gives to sales. The course is well delivered, intuitive and guides you to a position where you can take control of the process.

Tommy Balaam – MD Cpt Fantastic

Grow your sales and the value of your business
with the Refine sales training programme​


Present an attractive and unique sales proposition


Focus on leads. Generate more than you need


Efficiently guide your prospects to the close


Keep providing value so customers spend more


Manage using systems, processes and KPIs

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Start building your sales engine

1. Take the scorecard

Our online scorecard will reveal your strengths and weaknesses 

2. Book a call

We discuss your challenges in detail and establish if there is a good fit

3. Start the program

Begin the onboarding and start building your sales system

" The PILOT programme has given us a full understanding of how we should be selling, how to communicate with our target clients and how to manage the whole selling process ”

Jeremy Praud – MD LI Europe

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We put together our approach into a book  Learn the secrets to selling with The Sales Plan, the definitive guide to creating a high performing sales process.

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