growing a business is tough

we know there are loads of sales challenges

Inconsistent Sales

The unpredictability of sales revenues is a constant issue for many businesses


The world is full of indistinct businesses who find it hard to attract the right clients, 

No Uniform Sales

Most companies rely upon the skills of the individual salespeople to get sales. 

Not Generating
Enough Leads

Prospects are the lifeblood of any business. Too many business fail to finds leads. 

Most businesses struggle with these problems. But you are not alone we are here to help

"The PILOT method helped us focus on our target clients and how to attract them effectively​"

Malcolm Harris : Fraser-Harris Foods​

The pilot selling programme

A complete selling template

In principle sales is a very simple concept, centred on two key elements.  1. An attractive Proposition and 2. Effective sales Execution.   But as many businesess know addressing these is far from simple.

In response we built and train our clients on the 5-stage PILOT  programme. A practical but comprehensive approach to selling which directly addresses the questions of Poposition and Execution.  The objective is to increase sales using systems and processes, making your venture scalable and more valuable.



The foundation of any sales operation is complete clarity on who your target clients are, understanding their challenges and producing a unique and valuable solution.



A full pipeline of new leads is fundamental to any sales process. A framework of systems and processes, using both digital and traditional strategies, creates predictable numbers of new target clients.



A simple standard sales system provides your team with the structure and skills to convert more leads, reduces the need to find star salespeople and gives clear benchmarks for performance.



By providing remarkable delivery and ongoing service you can create loyal, long-term clients, who in turn, will support you in growing your business with referrals and additional work.



Continuing success relies upon effective but simple sales management. A focus on a few key metrics, goals, and accountability enable sustainable performance.

Who we are

Refine are a sales and business development organisation. Working with a range of owner managed small and mid-sized enterprises with turnover typically between £1m and £10m. Our approach to sales is systematic and methodical. We recognised that to be successful in sales requires a range of capabilities both strategic and tactical. Essentially businesses that have mastered selling started with their product and target market, are clear on their buyer journey, have collateral to entice and engage, use a uniform standard sales process, can deepen client relationships and have a streamlined management method that focuses on a few key metrics.

“We believe that sales are the lifeblood of business. While many companies are great at what they do, they are frustrated by how hard it is to find, win and grow clients. Our mission is to support as many businesses as possible to develop their sales capabilities and ultimately enable them to achieve their growth potential and thrive in a competitive environment’.

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